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Published Date 9/18/2020
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What is Your Love Language?

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The reason why I am asking is because lots of people in relationships do not really know their partner’s love languages, nor their own.  It is one of those growing spurts to learn how our significant other thinks and acts in a relationship. Easier said than done.  

As a love psychic, I always see a trend of how people miscommunicate within their relationships by not understanding love languages. Another important truth is that people do not understand how love languages can greatly influence relationships.  It takes effort to figure out people and be in harmony together. When people become more aware of love languages, it is amazing what positive results can occur, such as improving communication and the connection with a partner. At the end of the day, everyone strives for a healthy relationship. 

There are different kinds of love languages.  We have a dominant and secondary love language that indicates the main style of how we communicate our wants and needs within ourselves, along with a combination of other love languages that can be found at different times when expressing what is important. 


Acts of Service: Making dinner, helping with running errands, repairing stuff around the house, doing thank you cards, or anything that will help your partner to feel good and make life less burdensome.  Bottom line, just easing responsibility of any kind for your partner.  

Physical Touch:
Holding hands, hugging, massaging, etc. Physical touch is a very direct love language that creates intimacy in connecting with a partner and provide healing, calmness, and reassurance in a relationship, which is gentle in love and not oppressive. 

Quality Time:
This is going to show how you give your partner undivided attention; as in listening, communicating, and being there for each other. 

Receiving Gifts:
When receiving a gift, someone shows the love, thoughtfulness, and effort that was put into the process.  This action speaks louder than words and delivers a message that you thought of your partner in advance and went out of your way to make someone feel incredibly special.

Words of Affirmation:
  Hearing words of “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I appreciate you,” or “Thank you,” and many more. Certain phrases can affirm love and respect that make the heart centered.   Also, these words are essential for your partner to hear in order to feel validated and the certainty of kindness and affirming intentions. 

When seeking relationship advice, I often recommend, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. For starters, it is a great learning tool to enhance the wisdom of understanding love and better communication.  Overall, understanding love languages can be applied to many relationship phases, such as dating, engagement, marriage, separation, or divorce. 

It is never too late to learn the concept of love languages.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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