Dealing With Holiday Gatherings and Difficult Relatives by Psychic Cheyenne

Published Date 12/9/2015
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How do you deal with stressful family gatherings?

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The holidays are a time for high energy and celebration with family and friends full of parties, dinners and other gatherings. They can be particularly stressful when we are indoors spending time with relatives or people that are “difficult to be around!” You know, the ones who like to point out things they don’t like about you, put down others or endlessly brag about themselves. This can be tricky, particularly when you are psychically open and picking up on the thoughts and feelings of others, without wanting to.

There are ways to deflect this negativity so that we are not engaging in a victim-tyrant mindset and ending up throwing the butter across the dinner table! We can enjoy our time at these gatherings regardless of their behavior.

Control Your Thoughts
The way for you to achieve peace within ourselves is to take control of how YOU think! It is important that you are well rested and not tired and moody for this! Realize that when people say rude things to you, that they are really saying something about who THEY are! If someone says “Your hair is a mess,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. It is saying something about their personality, and their need to put down or belittle another human being.

The Best Reaction is No Reaction
When we choose to not react, it ends the energy game. Non-reactive statements are things like: “Ya think so” and “uh-huh.” It does help to view these people through our spiritual eye, knowing they are doing the best they know how to do. (They really are!)

Choosing to not take these kinds of comments personally and allowing them just to be who they are, are steps in our spiritual growth and evolution. Our thoughts really do matter. With the intent and plan to handle situations that may arise with spiritual focus, we can have a wonderful time in most situations!

Even at the holidays! 

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