Dealing With a Significant Other Who Loves Sports (While You Don't)

Published Date 2/4/2018
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Learn how to love a sports fan

If you don't know the first thing about football and baseball but your significant other is an enthusiastic sports fan, you might wonder if your relationship will ever work. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can survive and even embrace your partner's obsession with sports without losing yourself in the process. Learn how to deal with a significant other who loves sports and find ways to ensure both of your passions receive equal attention.

Try to Learn the Basics

Even if you could care less about sports, make an effort to learn the basics. Your partner might be thrilled to show you the ropes, or you could get to know some stats and surprise him with your newfound knowledge. Either way, keep an open-minded approach as you learn. You probably wouldn't appreciate him critiquing your most treasured hobbies, so refrain from making fun of his favorite sport.

Get to Know the Important Dates

You might not know when the World Series ends or care when the Super Bowl happens, but knowing the dates that are important to him is bound to make your dating life easier. By taking a proactive approach to modifying your calendar, you won't have to face disappointment when he can't make it to an outing you planned on game day.

Of course, that doesn't mean you should be OK with him disappearing for the entire sports season. If it seems like his game-watching commitments are seriously interfering with your dating life, a heart-to-heart might be necessary.

Exercise Your Empathy

Just because you aren't passionate about sports doesn't mean you can't understand his deep-rooted interests. Whether he's been cheering for the same team since he was a kid or he's a more recent convert, you can get into the spirit, too. Exercise your empathy, and you can more easily root alongside him or feel disappointed when his team suffers a big loss. Talk with a genuine psychic if you need help sharing his feelings on sports.

Teach Him About Your Interests

Dating a sports fan doesn't mean your life has to become all about sports, too. As you learn about his passions, take the opportunity to teach him about your interests. He may never love gardening or volunteering at the animal shelter as much as sports, but if he's truly interested in you, he'll want to learn about what makes you tick, too.

Find the Perfect Balance

Treating his interests with respect doesn't necessarily mean you have to watch every game with him. Instead, you can use game days as excuses to flex your culinary muscle, or you can take advantage of the chance to explore a new city while he attends his team's away game down the street. If you're sharing experiences but approaching them in your own unique ways, there's a better chance you'll both be happy.

Competing with his team for time and attention isn't always easy, but with these tips in mind, you can make it work. Connect with a psychic hotline for even more insight into balancing your interests and meeting both of your needs.


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