Preparing for your Date: What to Bring with You and What to Leave at Home

Date 4/21/2023
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Don't bring fear into the date!

Don't bring fear into the date!

You have a date tonight! You’re picking your outfit, doing your hair, and making sure you have your best foot put forward. Whether you're new to the dating scene or a seasoned veteran, dating should be fun! A bit nervous, you’re ready to walk out the door…wait! There are a few things you should leave behind before you cross the threshold of your date.  

3 Things That Sabotage a Date

This doesn’t belong on a date! If anything, you should feel brave, bold, and beautiful for venturing out into the unknown. By putting aside any fear you have, you leave room for possibility and maybe even a little fun! Check out this article to learn strategies for conquering fear.

Unrealistic Expectations
It’s wonderful to dream big, imagining our perfect match taking us out to a perfect dinner with a perfect full moon to light the way. Try to keep expectations in check before the date. Oftentimes, hyping something up too much can cause a sense of lackluster when the real thing actually arrives. By letting things be what they will be, you can sit back and enjoy!

So, you’ve had some bad experiences in the past. You may have been through a painful breakup or lost love that you still hold onto. Let it go before you go on your date. Reflecting on what’s happened in the past has its place and time. Right before or even during a date isn’t the time. Being overly negative will put out bad energy, so leave with a positive outlook. Here are some strategies for overcoming negativity.

3 Things to Take with You on a Date

Confidence. Being a little nervous is natural and almost makes it that much more exciting! The nerves shouldn’t take away from your feeling confident about yourself and what you have to bring to the table.

No matter what the outcome, if you keep a positive attitude throughout the date, you’ll have fun no matter what. It’s time you get to spend doing something interesting and new, even if it’s not a match made in heaven. Keep your head up and keep an open mind.

A Plan B.
Having faith in people and believing that things will work out for the best beats the alternative. That being said, to ere on the side of caution doesn’t hurt. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy about the situation you find yourself in on a date, have a way out; a friend to call, an early appointment the next morning, or a horrible headache. Always listen to your instincts, they will keep you safe. 

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