Dating in the Modern Cyber Age: Part I by Psychic Lotus Marie

Published Date 1/7/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Texting might be inhibiting you from connecting in more personal ways.

Dating has always had its challenges. But now more than ever it’s becoming more difficult to win in love. This is a bit of a paradox in the age of online social media. Not only has the human population increased exponentially but so has our ability to connect at any time. So while it would seem that connecting would be easier, the exact opposite seems to be closer to the truth.

Before social media, texting and chatting were invented, a man had to “work” to gain a woman’s attention. Now, the tables have seemed to turn and women are working harder and harder to gain male attention (posting sexually provocative “selfies” all over social media).

Men are no better off. Patriarchal societies make it seem like men don’t want relationships and would prefer a sexual connection. But men do desire closeness and intimacy and have lost out big time, because while it’s only true for a small percentage of men, the majority has bought into it and thus lived in denial of their need for intimacy for generations. Money-hungry corporations have fed off of man’s innate tendency toward visual stimulation for decades, contributing to his real needs being replaced.

When two people first connect, things are excitingly laced with human desire. In the past, the chemical attraction was slowly replaced by two people getting to know each other. They’d either discover that they were a fit and move onto a more intimate level, or discover that they weren’t a fit and move on. 

Expectations for contact were minimal due to the limited ability to connect, thus the “mystery and wonder” of what the other was up to remained intact. Now, all a person has to do to see what their love interest is up to is visit their profile page or send a text with the expectation that it be returned immediately (We all have our phones on us 24/7 right?). 

Social media and cell phones have inadvertently led to failure in the initial stages of many would-be relationships that never had the chance to get off the ground due to the intense pressure that societal expectations have created. 

The human mind is “wired” to take newness in slowly. It needs time to adjust to change or it will reject anything or anyone associated with it. Sometimes the best way to understand and embrace change is to examine the truths in ancient and enduring teachings. 

Time is cyclical. Even though on the surface the game has changed, examining the ageless thread of underlying truth brings profound insight that can lead to the needed shift in western consciousness. This brings to mind the ancient wisdom of the I-Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes), discussed in the second part of this article.
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