Dating a new man as a single mom

Published Date 6/13/2012
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Dating a new man as a single mom

If you're dating a guy and it's getting pretty serious, this might be good news if you've had dreams of tying the knot for ages. However, things can become more complicated if you're a single mother and your children are in the picture.

It's not uncommon for moms to hit the dating scene on their spare time - after all, who doesn't want to find love? But there are certain qualities that a man must possess if you're thinking about bringing him into you and your children's lives.

First, find out if he has kids of his own. If he has experience being a father, this can be a major bonus for single moms.

Next, speak to a live psychic and receive a tarot reading to put things into perspective. A psychic can use her talents to let you know if he's a keeper.

Finally, let him know early on that you have children. This might scare him away, but it's an effective way to determine if he's the right man to bring into your family.

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