Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Can it Be Defined? by Psychic Freya

Published Date 12/9/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

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There are many articles, questions about, and participation in this thing we call love.  Love can take you to the heights of ecstasy or into the depths of hopelessness.   Each person defines define love differently, if indeed it’s definable at all.  

Like most psychic readers, I’ve been exposed to many different love energies.  With many readings, I “feel” the love a couple may have for each other but understand they have issues connecting.  I will usually say, “Each of you has a different perception of love.” Most of the time we—the client and myself, the reader—can identify the differences. Then the couple is prepared to work on seeing each other’s perspective.  

When speaking about love, I refer to the concept or perception of it. For this reason, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, “What is your definition of love?”  The first time I was asked this question, I immediately remembered what my son told my grandson.  When you love someone you want more than anything for them to be happy. I believe this philosophy holds true with romantic love, friendship love, and family love.  Later, I decided to give deep consideration to the question of defining love; because I believe love makes the world go ‘round.

I meditated on the question and was immediately shown a tree and heard the word Acacia Trees.  I thought, “Wow, my guides have gone on vacation. After I chuckled to myself I realized; I believe in my guides, so I began researching the Acacia tree. I found that there have been numerous proven studies that show if one Acacia tree is harmed, the same type of trees in within a hundred mile radius react by producing defensive emissions or by folding their leaves.  

I was so intrigued by this example of connectedness that I researched further into this phenomena and found that Cleve Backster, a CIA agent in the 60’s, had conducted studies that proved that plants were psychic, prophetic, and could anticipate negative and positive thoughts.  In addition, recent studies using new technology including meters that register the most subtle reactions on an atomic level have proven these early works to be accurate and more pronounced than what was earlier thought.  

You’re probably thinking, “OK this psychic is out in the nether regions–what does this have to do with defining love?”  Well, I was prompted to make a connection between these studies and the definition of love.  I literally sat up in bed with the “aha” moment of clarity.  Love is a connection between all life forms, human and non- human.  And for those who report falling instantly in love, maybe the love wasn’t so instant. They could’ve been connected for a long, recognized each other when they met, and felt the love that had already been formed. 

The next step in my thought process was the genuine feeling of caring akin to love that I feel when I connect with a client.  We can all learn from the Acacia Trees by connecting with our loved ones; to see and feel their perspective; to anticipate their needs; and to simply accept them for who they are.  I feel wonderfully blessed to be a part of this process for others.  

And then I thought: my son was right, he had the definition all along. “Love” is when you want happiness for another person.
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