Could You Date a Man With Bad Hygiene?

Published Date 8/7/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Can You Stand To Date A Man With Bad Hygiene?

There are aspects of every individual's personality and appearance that might make him or her unattractive to others. For some people, it's their bad habits that get in the way of their natural appeal. If you've started dating a great man but he happens to have poor hygiene, you might be rethinking your relationship - and don't feel bad!

Some habits are simply necessary in order to maintain your well-being, as Primer magazine reported. For example, brushing your teeth is a must to prevent conditions such as gum disease. Washing your feet can stop certain types of bacteria from becoming problematic. Before you run out the door on your new boyfriend, think about breaking the news to him to salvage your relationship.

News Limited stated that it might be in your best interests to be upfront and honest with him about your concerns. Talk to our online psychics beforehand to find out what he's most sensitive about - this can help you avoid touchy subjects early in the conversation.

Then, tell him why you're worried about his poor hygiene. If you're concerned about his health, he may change his tune. If not, our love psychics can tell you if it's time to pack your bags.


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