Could That Special Someone Be Your Twin Flame?

Published Date 7/18/2019
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Have you ever been intensely drawn to someone? They could be your twin flame.

It's one of the most common questions our online love psychics hear: “Is [X] my twin flame?” Since many people use the terms “soulmates” and “twin flames” interchangeably, you'll want to read the first part of this series, “What Is a Twin Flame?” to understand the differences.

Essentially, twin flames are two halves of a whole. They're our mirror souls, made from the same type of energy. Since most of us are fated to meet our twin flame if we have one, it's important to recognize the signs they might exhibit when they enter your life.

You're Intensely Drawn to One Another

Twin flames have this magnetic-like attraction that seems to go against any rhyme or reason. When you first meet, you feel as if you've known this person forever or that you've loved them in a previous life.

Unfortunately, due to this insane attraction, twin flame relationships can burn hard and fast. You might even break up only to find yourselves back together time and time again, but it feels like your connection is too intense to stay together for long.

They Bring Transformation

Twin flames bring a lot of intense changes to your life. Some of those changes can be quite painful. If you've undergone a period of transition right after meeting them, it's a strong sign that you've found your twin flame.

Once the initial ecstasy of meeting your twin flame wears off, egos start to flare. Your twin flame might challenge you or rile up insecurities, forcing you to make big changes. The reason for this is that twin flames serve as a mirror to our shadow selves. Their very existence shows us all the traits we don't want to admit to having and can lead to more self-awareness and a desire to transform.

You Become Irrationally Emotional

It's impossible to suppress your feelings and energies when you're around your twin flame. Twin flames exist to help you recognize these emotions and heal. They're the yin to your yang.

When a twin flame enters your life, it feels as if all the pieces that were missing fall into place, which can bring up a lot of emotional baggage. You might lash out or cry on their shoulder. However the emotions manifest, you're more open and vulnerable with them than you've ever been with anyone.

You're More Than Lovers

Twin flame relationships aren't necessarily about sexual love. You might date or get married, but it's just as likely that you'll end up divorced. You may not even date your twin flame at all despite that instant chemistry and connection.

Your twin flame is a crucial part of your spiritual journey, but all the aspects that make them your twin flame can prevent them from being a suitable lover. Whether you're in a relationship or not, you're one another's best friends, teachers, therapists, and confidants.

If you're still having trouble identifying your twin flame, chat with a psychic online.  


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