Could 'Sleep Divorce' Work For You?

Published Date 7/24/2013
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Could 'Sleep Divorce' Work For You?

If you've lost hours of sleep over the years due to your spouse's tossing and turning, you might want to consider a "sleep divorce." More people are doing so in hopes of getting a good night's rest, and if you're thinking about it, you're not alone!

The Daily Mail recently reported that one in six couples choose to sleep apart. Why? Because they simply found it easier to reboot when they didn't have their partners next to them. Now, health benefits are being linked to this seemingly unusual behavior, according to The Guardian.

"Poor sleep is bad for your physical, mental and emotional health," Neil Stanley, M.D., told the news source. "There is no good thing about poor sleep."

Sleeping away from your partner can also be beneficial depending on your lifestyles, according to The Huffington Post. For instance, couples with different career schedules and diverse sleeping habits can reap positives from this change.

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