Coping with Your Friend's Awful Boyfriend

Published Date 9/29/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Coping with your best friend's less-than-impressive boyfriend

It can be exciting to go out on a double date with your best friend and her new boyfriend, but what if he isn't everything he's cracked up to be? If your best friend has ranted and raved about her significant other but you don't find him to be particularly polite, you may be hesitant to go out together.

There are a few ways you can handle this situation without being offensive to your best friend or her boyfriend. First, decline the offer to go out together until you have a moment to speak to her about your concerns. This will avoid any awkwardness or stress associated with the new person in her life.

Next, recommends being straightforward and honest with your friend about your concerns. Let her know what bothers you about her boyfriend, but don't attack his character or personality. Make note of specific instances in your conversation, such as his rudeness to you or something offensive that he said in the past.

Finally, speak to your psychic advisor if you're concerned for your best friend. A phone psychic reading can let you know what the future holds for your friend and her significant other.

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