Coping with Cheating by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 8/29/2019
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Confronting a cheating partner is not easy.

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It is hard to hear that our suspicions may be correct when it comes to cheating.  What happens when you finally know that the person you love is seeing someone else? How do you handle this information?  How do you even address this issue?  

There is no easy answer nor one way of handling things. For starters, confronting someone based on a psychic reading will only make it easy for them to deny it. The hard evidence does need to be collected and not overlooked, especially if you wish to address the matter. 

You also have to both agree what is considered cheating in YOUR relationship, because one partner may have different answers to that question.  For example, is texting cheating in a relationship?  Or sexting? Or is kissing cheating in a relationship?  There is no cut and dry answer as it will vary by individual and couple.

The individual in question might be quick to defend and deny their actions. Most folks who are cheating will often lie and try to gaslight their way out of the conversation. They might turn the topic around and make it look like you lost your mind or that you are imagining things.  The truth is, that your gut is seldom wrong.  But, using your gut feeling or a psychic reading as evidence will not be enough, especially when you have been gaslighted so often that you constantly doubt yourself and even reality.

You need to be smart when confronting a cheating partner.  The reason for this is that they may not be totally honest, and you might find yourself living constantly with distrust and fear of abandonment. 

Here are some tips to help you cope with a cheating partner:

1. Get yourself grounded.  The reason for this is that when you are grounded, you are able to cope with anything, regardless if a person is innocent or not, you need to be balanced

2. Learn to do extreme self-care.  We often rely on our partners to provide us with all our emotional needs and stability. Practicing self-care will allow you to gain confidence and feel less vulnerable.

3. Seek emotional support from a professional.  There is a tendency for individuals to date a specific type who often replays past traumas or triggers our insecurities. Allow a therapist to assist you in breaking self-sabotage patterns

4. Where there is smoke there is fire.  Some behaviors mimic cheating, but it does not always mean that there is infidelity. The main reason you suspect there cheating is based on behavior patterns that make you feel left out and neglected, which does indicate that there may be problems, which are not necessarily for infidelity.

5. Caught in the act, yet your partner has gaslighted you into thinking it’s your imagination. At this point, you need to decide if their views are more valid than your reality or needs. It’s important that you trust your gut. However, knowing the facts means they are cheating without some type of resolution.

Coping does not mean you have to leave nor does it mean you have to stay. It simply means you get to decide which way to go in the relationship. You can take your time in deciding how to handle things. However, the longer you take on acting, whether it is to stay or leave, the longer you live in pain.

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