Connecting with Your Baby Being by Psychic Janise

Date 3/29/2016

Have you connected with your Baby Being?

Have you connected with your Baby Being?

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In 1986 I started working with couples who were struggling with fertility. I was told in the early 1980s that I would never have children. One day while in my room, a daughter appeared to me and said, “I would like to come to you, but I need help.” I was floored! I said, “Ok, tell me what to do!” Over the next few weeks she revealed information to me that helped her journey into my life. Two months later I did a past life regression and there she was telling me, "I am here!" A pregnancy test confirmed this the next day. 

I had no idea that we could communicate with our baby beings before they were conceived! Since I had already been assisting people with psychic counseling, this started my journey helping couples all over the world connect with their baby beings. 

Whether you are struggling with fertility or just planning a family, it is important to make that spiritual connection first. Our connection with our children happens long before conception. They are actually waiting above you until you are ready for them to come here! If you are having fertility issues, you must be open to whatever the information is that comes to you. Sometimes our babies come to us but they need to come through another being to get to us. This does not mean you are not the true parent of this child. Your spiritual connection comes first and is stronger than the physical connection. 

3 Ways to Connect with your Baby Being

1 - One way many people do is with the assistance of a psychic reader. This can open the door for clarity so you can focus more easily on future communications. 

2 - Another method is through self-hypnosis or meditation. Get in a comfortable position. Start with three cleansing breaths. Focus on your intentions and then be patient until you feel the presence of your baby being. The baby may be assisted by a family member who has crossed over or a spirit guide. Be still and listen carefully. 

3 - The final way is to go out to the New Moon. Face the Eastern sky. Call to your baby being and say “I am ready for you!” 

Sometimes taking an active role in our destiny can change the pathway forever!

Now I have five incredible children as a result of spiritual work along with the assistance of medical professionals. I still enjoy helping clients connect with their baby spirits.

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