Can You Really Find True Love on a Dating App?

Published Date 8/13/2018
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Woman using a dating app

If you've ever used a dating app, you know that finding potential matches couldn't be easier. However, does anyone ever find real love or a life partner online? Find out how to maximize your chances of finding love online and learn how to make the most of dating apps.

Show Your True Self

You wouldn't hide important parts of your personality and lifestyle from a romantic interest you met offline, and you shouldn't obscure your true self from online matches either. Since dating apps give potential matches more information to consider before deciding whether or not to move forward, make sure you're encouraging dates to swipe right for good reason. Ignore what you think you should include in your profile and feature your actual likes, dislikes, and desires.

Be Honest About What You Want

If you're anxious about finding love online, you might be tempted to be open to a variety of relationships you don't truly want. When you can't wait to settle down with your soulmate, refrain from indicating that you prefer casual encounters. Not only will selecting the option that reflects where you are help filter out bad matches, but it also helps you get in the right matchmaking mindset. If you're still on the fence, a psychic love reading can help you determine what you want from a relationship.

Make the First Move

You may never find the right match if you don't actively participate in every step of the online dating process. Rather than sitting back and waiting for matches to roll in, start perusing profiles and sending messages. Be sure to personalize the messages you send to increase your chances of piquing interest and starting a conversation.

Communicate Clearly

When you use a dating app, taking things to the next level is entirely up to you and your date. Rather than agreeing to meet every match in person, however, try communicating through the app to see if you truly click. Take the time to get to know each other online before talking on the phone or meeting in person. You'll make better use of your time and have a more successful outcome.

Take Relationships Offline

No matter how much you enjoy chatting with your match through the dating app, eventually you'll have to take things offline to pursue any relationship further. First dates can be intimidating, but try to look forward to them with excitement. After all, each first date brings you one step closer to finding love.

Have Plenty of Patience

Like dating offline, dating online doesn't result in overnight success. Approach any dating app with an open mind, an ability to block out unwanted attention, and an interest in making genuine connections. Focus on finding love, and you might discover that your perfect match is right there waiting for you.

While not every match you find online will turn out to be your true love, you can certainly find long-term relationships and lifelong romance with a dating app. For unbiased advice on your online or offline dating strategy, phone a psychic and talk with a trusted advisor.


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