Can You Improve Your Chances of Having Lucid Dreams?

Published Date 5/16/2014
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Lucid dreaming allows you to control your dreamscape.

Lucid dreams occur when you’re aware of the fact that you’re sleeping. Once you enter a state of lucid dreaming, you can control how your dreams play out. Use these tricks to improve your chances of having a lucid dream.

Keep a Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal will prepare you for lucid dreaming by slowly training your mind to become more conscious of the dream state. Keep a journal beside your bed for just this purpose and turn to it first thing in the morning. Don’t wait to jot down your dreams or you’re sure to forget. Once you have a good collection of dreams written down, you may enjoy speaking with a dream interpreter to learn more about your dream landscape.

Do Reality Checks During the Day

You may feel a little silly doing this at first, but habitually performing reality checks during the day will help you remember to do them in your dreams. To perform a reality check, just stop and ask yourself if you’re dreaming. Go ahead and do it now. You probably answered that you’re clearly not dreaming because you’re reading (which is notoriously difficult in dreams), you can’t convince anything unusual to happen, and your faucet is still dripping incessantly which you could surely stop in the dream state.

Meditate Daily

Meditation will help you learn to silence your mind. If you lay in bed with a thousand thoughts spinning through your head at night, you’ll have a lot of trouble generating a dream landscape. Emptying, quieting, and controlling the mind are valuable skills.

Talk to a Psychic

Speaking with a psychic can help you improve your chances of lucid dreaming. Psychics are extremely experienced in reaching out to another plane of existence. Your psychic reading may give you some ideas for calming your mind and reaching your dreamscape. A psychic may also give you some insight into trouble areas that are subconsciously blocking your ability to dream lucidly.

Wake Yourself in the Night

Set your alarm to wake you after five or six hours of sleep. Wake up just enough to remind yourself that you’re trying to enter a lucid dream. Make sure you have at least two hours of sleep left ahead of you so you have time to enter and explore the dreamscape. This brief period of wakefulness in the night can help you refocus on your goal of lucid dreaming.

Choose the Content of Your Dreams

Decide what you want to dream about ahead of time. As you’re going to sleep, clear your mind of everything else and carefully build your dream landscape. Some people find that they can directly enter a state of lucid dreaming with this tactic.

Focus intentionally on your desire to have a lucid dream as much as possible. If you think about lucid dreaming frequently throughout the day, you’ll increase your chances of accomplishing your goal during the night.


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