Can Infidelity Lead to Happiness?

Published Date 2/23/2018
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Honest conversations cultivate trust in a relationship that grows out of infidelity.

It’s challenging to be in a relationship with a person who’s seeing you behind someone else’s back. First, you have to sneak around, hoping your partner’s wife doesn’t find evidence of the affair. A quick email or text could cause your lover’s marriage to implode. Second, you may question how committed your loved one is to your relationship. After all, wouldn’t he leave his wife if he really loved you? Here’s a guide to help you sort out some of the inevitable concerns that come with relationships that are tied to your partner’s infidelity.

Handling Negative Emotions

Regardless of what your lover says to you, it’s hard not to feel second best when he goes home to his wife. You may feel resentment, anger, and heartbreak. Being in a relationship like this has high emotional stakes. One of the worst things you can do is bottle up the negativity. Confide in a trusted friend or talk to an online psychic. You need someone who’s a good listener and can give you objective feedback. Simply verbalizing your feelings and getting an outsider’s perspective may help you process your emotions.

Moving Past Doubt

Relationships based off infidelity breed doubt. You may constantly ask whether he’ll ever leave his wife. If he doesn’t call at his usual time, you may wonder if he’s decided to end the affair because it’s too risky. One way to combat doubt is to commit to honesty and ask your partner to do the same. This gives you permission to express your uncertainty; it also allows your partner to talk about his feelings openly. When two people are transparent with each other, even when it’s difficult, they build trust. That’s critical in a relationship that grows out of infidelity.

Starting Fresh

If your partner does leave his wife, you need to make a fresh start. That means the two of you should be honest about why your past relationships didn’t work. Through candid conversations, you can create more trust and look for ways to avoid repeating mistakes of the past. The two of you can ask an online clairvoyant about any difficulties that lie ahead as you move ahead with your relationship. Then, you can be proactive and meet your difficulties head on.

Taking It Slowly

After your partner leaves his wife, you don’t have to move in together immediately. Even if your lover left an unhappy marriage, he may still need time to grieve the loss of his previous relationship. Though it may be hard to give him space, this time of healing can also be a time for the two of you to grow closer. Be a good listener and resist the urge to speak badly of his ex-wife. Your focus is on the bright and happy future you want to build together.

By dealing with your own emotions and building trust, you can turn a love affair that started by way of infidelity into a vibrant relationship that lasts.


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