Can a One Night Stand Last? by Psychic Stasch

Published Date 2/10/2018
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Is sex on the first date a good or bad idea?

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Is sex on a first date always a bad idea? Prevailing wisdom suggests that sex immediately after meeting ends in either a one-night stand or a relationship that is based only about sex.  One of the reservations about sexuality soon in a relationship is that a partner may assume that you are promiscuous. There is the fear that moving too fast means love and commitment are no longer options.

No doubt speedy relationships can end in confusion, frustration and hurt feelings, but this is not a universal. As hard as it maybe to believe, some situations that go from dinner to the bedroom can turn into successful relationships… even marriages!

Love at First Sight – Can It Happen?
It is a misnomer that sex after first sight is always a non-stop ride to dating disaster. There are situations where people meet, and they just know it is going to work that fast.  It can happen. However how often does it happen? That is a different question completely. Environment plays a part with the success rate of a one-time situation becoming a life time commitment.

For example, let’s say you meet someone in a night club or crowded bar. Between the noise, the excitement and the alcohol, it all combines to create a situation where impaired decision making is likely. Desire, libido and want sometimes makes quick partners of incompatible people. Where you meet, what you know about a prospective companion and how much time you take are all factors. Should you meet for coffee, talk at great length and get to know each other without being intoxicated, there is a chance that speedy love can work.

This all sounds good. Who would not want love at first sight? Overall, we are a culture that promotes the idea that by looking at someone without knowing much intuition will guide you towards lasting love. Countless movies and books are filled with romantic tales of people who meet and fall into passionate love fast. In reality, it can and does happen.

Love vs. Lust
However, before thinking fast freeways to passion can become successful relationships. There is always the possibility that it can backfire.  Even if you know someone rather well, it is risky taking the chance on first time love with someone you just meet. While instant love can work, that does not mean it has a high success rate.  More than likely when people fall in love quickly, they are high on the adrenaline rush of passion. Attraction becomes a strong force that merges people together. It can be hard to resist. 

Usually, but not always, once the passion starts to slow and reality sets in, that overwhelming drive can start to peter out fast.  Character, values, personality even goals emerge that may find you with someone you have nothing in common. While true opposites can attract, and do, it is more often that people you share some common ground are more likely to lead to lasting love.

There is always a certain uncertain risk factor in love. There is always a little bit of a gamble involved. However, love at first sight can happen. But, that does not mean it always has a high success rate.

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