Burned Out? 8 Things to Rejuvenate Your Body

Published Date 3/3/2014
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Rest and relaxation can help you rejuvenate from major burnout.

Burnout is a common problem for today’s busy parents and professionals. If you’re struggling with memory loss, an inability to focus, weight gain, and a constant sense of exhaustion, you’re probably dealing with major burn out. Try these tips to regain control and rejuvenate your life.

Stock up on Healthy Snacks

Indulging in comfort foods is a common reaction when you’re approaching burnout, but sugary starchy treats won’t help. Instead, indulge in healthy snacks you can munch throughout the day. Try yogurt, fresh produce, a handful of nuts, or a small square of dark chocolate.

Start Your Days with a Stretch

If you’re feeling burned out, you probably roll out of bed with a groan and head straight for the coffee. Instead, rise gently and slowly stretch your muscles to prepare for the day. You can begin while you’re still in bed and continue with a standing stretch. You may even work up to some soothing yoga poses.

Quiet Your Mind

Find a relaxing way to calm and quiet your mind and devote at least five minutes a day to this pursuit. Whether it’s meditation, prayer, or journaling, this type of activity will help you recover from burnout.

Unplug from Technology

The constant stream of emails, texts, and tweets pulling at your attention only adds to your burnout. Pull back by setting aside purposeful times each day when you put your technology down. Ban phones from the dinner table, or refuse to check messages in bed.

Get Some Outside Perspective

A little outsider insight can do wonders. Get a quick psychic reading by phone for a refreshing new perspective on the stressors that are pulling you down the path to burnout. Your psychic can help you see your priorities more clearly and offer some advice for rejuvenating your mind and body.

Clear Out Your Space

If you’re living or working in a cluttered space, the mess around you is probably dragging you down, whether you realize it or not. Clean up the clutter and you’ll have more room to relax and rejuvenate.

Clean Up the Calendar

Burnout is usually the result of a packed calendar. Go through and ruthlessly weed out the things that aren’t truly important. Give up commitments that you don’t enjoy and make room for restful rejuvenating activities that will keep your life in balance. Trade a position as a PTA chair for a weekly yoga class and watch as your body gladly responds to this opportunity for rejuvenation.

Set Small Goals

Ditch your monumental aspirations for small achievable goals and you can replace your feeling of exhaustion with a sense of success. A quick psychic chat can help you prioritize and identify the best goals for the immediate future.

Burnout comes with a certain feeling of defeat that can make things look hopeless. You don’t have to succumb to this ongoing stress. Step back and make some changes now.


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