Building a Deeper Love

Published Date 12/9/2017
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Spending time together is better after you've had a few hours apart to pursue your individual interests.

Finding that special someone with whom you can have a romantic relationship is exciting. After all, being in love has inspired songs, poetry, and stories since time immemorial. Once you’re in love, you may wonder how you can take your relationship to the next level. Fortunately, there are several ways you can deepen your relationship.

Bring Fresh Compassion to the Relationship Daily

On any given day, your significant other may irritate you in countless ways. Forgetting to take out the garbage, leaving clothes on the bedroom floor, and ignoring dirty dishes in the sink are minor annoyances that, over time, cultivate resentment.

One way to guard against mounting impatience is to view your partner’s actions through a lens of compassion. That means you realize that there’s a reason your beloved forgot to mow the lawn last week. Instead of fixating on the problematic behavior or attitude, find out if your partner is stressed.

By searching for the reason behind the irritating behavior, you can learn to let go of your frustration and proactively show compassion. If your partner isn’t immediately forthcoming, ask an online psychic for insights into what may be causing the stress.

Be Willing to Compromise

One source of tension in romantic relationships is the disagreement over standards. If one person thinks the house has to be tidy all the time, this “rule” becomes a source of bickering and can eventually drive a wedge between you. One smart way to address these problems is to be willing to compromise.

For example, if your partner doesn’t like to clean the house at the end of every day, find a middle ground. Perhaps your beloved agrees to keep the house tidy on the weekend when you’re both home, and you agree to let things go during the week when you’re both too busy to pick up. You’ll know you’ve struck on a true compromise when both people give up a little and gain a little.

Make Time for Yourself

It may sound counterintuitive, but to deepen your romantic relationship, you need some alone time. Take time to nurture your own interests. Go for a walk by yourself, get an angel card reading, enjoy a massage, or watch your favorite television show. When you’re finished with your alone time, you can return to your significant other reenergized and ready to reconnect.

Having alone time also helps you avoid harboring resentment. People in relationships who don’t get enough time to themselves tend to feel smothered. As months pass, this feeling only grows stronger along with your dissatisfaction with the relationship that’s preventing you from having time to yourself. Setting aside at least a few hours every week or two for alone time is a sound strategy for keeping your romantic relationship healthy.

By approaching your loved one with compassion, learning to compromise, and taking time for yourself, you can make your romantic relationship more resilient. None of these steps are easy, so treat yourself with compassion as you work to implement these strategies.


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