Build Trust with Your Psychic for a Better Reading

Published Date 8/30/2014
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Building trust with psychics has little to do with trusting their abilities and more to do with trusting your relationship with them. You could easily get a reading from any psychic and believe in their talents, but you can have a more successful reading by turning to a psychic you can build a trusting relationship with.

Why is Trust Important?

You'll Take the Advice to Heart

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from friends before any other form of advertising. This goes to show how much faith we put in our friends' advice.

In a psychic reading, you can't put your trust only in your psychic's abilities. If you're getting a reading from someone you don't connect with well, you're unlikely to take their advice to heart. On the other hand, if you're getting a reading from someone you consider a true friend with a trusting relationship, you're more likely to consider his or her advice for helping you make the best life choices.

It Saves You Time

Building a trusting relationship can also help speed up the process. Since you'll connect quickly, and you'll always be turning to someone who already knows you and your background, you'll get more out of your reading because they don't have to ask as many questions at the beginning of your session.

How Can You Build Trust with Your Psychic?

Understand What Your Psychic is All About

Psychics are only human beings, which means they're not all-powerful. They won't always be 100 percent accurate in their predictions, and they can't always tell you everything you need to know. Some psychics are able to predict the future, while others can connect with spirits, but not all psychics have the same abilities. The better you understand what your psychic can do, the more you can trust him or her.

Treat Each Other as Friends

You and your psychic should hold both a professional and a friendly relationship. If you're returning to your psychic for more readings, you'll get to know each other on a deeper level, but if you don't treat him or her like your friend, things can get uncomfortable for both of you and affect your reading.

This principle holds true in any relationship, whether with significant others, coworkers, family, or your psychic. If you're not comfortable opening up to your psychic the same way you would to a close friend, consider turning to someone else or starting with an online psychic to ease into your sessions.

Give it Time

If you don't feel a connection immediately, don't run off to someone else right away. Think about your closest friend. Did you two become friends after only one meeting? Allow yourself to get used to your psychic throughout several sessions, even when you don't feel a connection right off the bat. After a while, you may begin feeling at ease and be able to open up more.

By building a trusting relationship with your psychic in these ways, you'll enjoy more successful readings. 


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