Bring Back the Romance Once Your Children Leave the Nest

Published Date 7/31/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Relighting the romantic flame once your children leave the nest

Even after your kids move out of the house, you and your spouse may have trouble keeping the flame in your marriage alive if you allow your other responsibilities to get in the way of romance. For example, long nights at the office and mounting bills can all contribute to a lack of intimacy, but how do you create more time for your marriage?

There are a couple of tactics you can use to get back into the mood and start bringing more romance into your lives. First, Canadian Living magazine recommends setting a schedule to make sure you're spending enough time with each other. As silly as it seems, this tip can help ensure you and your spouse are giving yourself opportunities to reconnect.

Second, make an effort to put down your technological devices and shut out the rest of the world so you can concentrate on each other. Turn off your phones and stop checking your email accounts - you'll see a difference!

Finally, talk to your love psychic if you're still having trouble relighting the flame. A phone psychic reading can help you learn more about your spouse's passions, giving you a better opportunity to satisfy them.


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