Breaking the Sleepy Cycle: 4 Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Energy

Published Date 8/20/2014
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Don't let fatigue sap your energy.

You see commercials advertising products to combat a lack of energy every day, whether it comes from lack of sleep, the wrong diet, or that midday slump. It's nearly impossible to get work done when you have no energy and feel tired all the time, but you don't need a lot of fancy products to put a little pep back in your step. You'll have to make a few lifestyle changes, but it's possible to do it yourself.

Work on Your Emotional Health

Being in emotional turmoil crashes your reserves. Whether you're sad over the loss of a pet, frustrated over a problem at work, or worrying about your finances, you're expending energy. You know how exhausted you feel when you're nervous, or after you've cried? It's even worse when you're feeling constantly down, depressed, or anxious.

Your feelings can weigh you down. Your mind works and your body reacts. It's imperative that you are diligent about your emotional health. Take time for yourself, relax when possible, and find someone to talk to, someone to whom you can vent. You can talk with a friend, but you should phone a psychic to uncover deeper issues and intuitive healing options.

Charge Yourself with Your Food

The food you eat can either cause that lingering feeling of fatigue or prevent it. A high-fat, carbohydrate-heavy diet can keep you feeling sluggish. You don't have to do anything too extreme, just charge yourself with vegetables, fruits, and leaner proteins. You can still enjoy your favorites, just learn the fine art of moderation. All those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will have your mind and body active and operating in top shape.

Keep Your Mind and Body Active

You can exercise moderately as well, as long as you do try to stay active. You don't have to sign up for any marathons if that's not your thing, instead you can go for walks or jogs in the park, swim laps, work out at home or at the gym, and even clean the house. Getting your heart working is the essential part. All the feel-good endorphins you get from exercising will keep you energized all day.

It's just as important to keep your mind active. It's also incredibly fun. You can stay sharp in myriad ways, including:

  • Playing video games, card games, app games, and memory games
  • Reading books
  • Learning new things as often as possible

Nurture Your Spiritual Health

You're taking care of your emotional health, your mental health, and your spiritual health. That will help you feel more energetic and banish your fatigue, but nurturing your spiritual health will make you feel even better. When you feel at peace, you'll find it easier to control your emotions and you'll naturally want to make healthier choices.

An angel card or tarot reading can reveal something about your karmic health as well. You can find out why you feel so anxious or irritated, why you aren't sleeping well, or why you generally don't feel like yourself. Pinpointing the underlying issues can often resolve the larger problems.

You have everything you need to break the sleepy cycle. How do you stay energized during the day? 


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