Beyond the Savings Account: 5 Essential Things to Consider when Approaching Retirement

Published Date 9/15/2014
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Retirement gives you the opportunity to pursue many exciting activities.

There’s so much focus on amassing enough savings to retire, that many people don’t consider what they’ll do when they get there. The thrill will wear off quickly without a plan. Don’t forget these important considerations as you’re approaching your retirement.

What Activities You’ll Pursue

Time will soon start to drag if you don’t have something to do. Consider the pursuits you’ve always wanted to have more time for. You could join a club, volunteer for a meaningful organization, or even take on part-time work just for fun. Continue to set goals for yourself so you can end you days with a sense of accomplishment. Revel in the freedom to choose any pursuit you like, from crochet to fly fishing, and have fun setting out toward new achievements.

Where You’ll Live

Retirement gives you an unprecedented opportunity to move on to a new home. You could move closer to family or closer to the beach. You may also want to consider a retirement home. If you’d like to leave details like cooking and yard work up to someone else, the right type of community can help you do just that without sacrificing any independence.

Who You Will Spend Time With

Up until now, you’ve probably spent your days in the company of co-workers. Retirement will get lonely if you don’t have anyone to spend it with. Don’t rely exclusively on your spouse, or you may quickly tire of each other’s constant company. A church or volunteer group offers a wide pool of people. You can also set up regular dates with friends and family, from Sunday dinners to afternoons babysitting your grandkids.

Where You Will Go

Retirement frees you up for all the travel you never had time to pursue. If you can’t decide where to go, a telephone psychic reading might give you some ideas. By communicating with your spirit guides, your psychic can help you see areas that you might want to pursue. You can also gain insight into where your current path will likely lead. Whether you choose to stay the course or make a drastic turn is up to you. Phone a psychic for a little insight to get you started, then chart your own path.

How You’ll Maintain Your Health

It’s important to set aside some time for your health. If your job kept you fit and active, you’ll need to find new ways to incorporate this physical activity into your life. Perhaps now is a good time to welcome a pet into the home. Walking and training a dog will keep you active. You could also join a seniors’ fitness class or invest in a treadmill for your home. Stay on top of your health to make sure you enjoy a long and healthy retirement.

Retirement will give you many exciting opportunities to fulfill your dreams and live out your ambitions. Carefully consider where you want this season of life to take you.


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