Best of Psychic Source 2016 - Love and Relationships

Published Date 12/27/2016
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

As we prepare to say good-bye to 2016 and welcome in 2017, Psychic Source would like to take a look back at the year that was. Let's pause and remind you of just some of the great articles, videos, podcasts, and infographics we published this year in case you missed it the first time or would like to enjoy it again.

At Psychic Source, we know love and relationships are very important topics to explore. From using crystals to help attract a mate, to discovering your personal love compatibility, we've covered a lot of ground on these subjects. Below is just a small sampling of what we talked about from the sweet world of Love:

Soul Mate Journey

When a Soul Mate Journey Ends

Ending any type of love relationship is difficult, but ending a soulmate relationship adds a spiritual dimension that can make letting go even more painful. There can be many reasons why a soul mate relationship ends - the timing may be wrong, the soul agreement may be for just a short while, or the lesson may be learned... watch more >

Crystals to Attract a Mate

8 Crystals That Will Help You Attract a Mate

From pushing away bad memories and energy to enhancing luck and confidence to simply inviting love, crystals can help you attract a mate. No matter why you're searching for love, these 8 crystals can help more >

Venus and Mars Compatibilty

Venus and Mars Love Compatibility Calculator

Venus and Mars hold the signs to the love and sexual nature in your relationship. Use our free on-line compatibility calculator to find your true soulmate more >

Being Catfished

Find Out if You're Being Catfished

Learn how to make sure you're not a victim of catfishing. Get to know the warning signs and learn how to find worthwhile relationships online... read more >

There are many more articles about Love and Relationships available to enjoy and we are always adding exciting new content to our website:

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The Best of Psychic Source 2016 continues tomorrow as we look at: Energy and Healing


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