Being the Yin to Another's Yang

Published Date 1/2/2020
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Everyone has aspects of yin and yang in them.

Being the yin to another's yang is constantly thrown around in conversation, but many do not understand the full meaning of this. Both yin and yang are essential to the harmonious functioning of every individual and relationship.

Understanding the Concept of Yin and Yang

You've certainly heard people refer to the "yin yang" throughout your life, but do you understand what it truly means? The concept of yin and yang refers to the idea that it is only possible to understand something in relation to its whole. Context, in other words, determines the true reality.

You can define yin and yang by understanding that two halves complete and complement each other through their contrasts. Yin and yang exist as the starting point for change as well. By definition, if you have a whole, this whole is complete and unchanging. On the other hand, splitting something into its two halves disrupts the equilibrium of this whole. Both halves, the yin and the yang, then chase each other to seek out a new balance.

What Characterizes Each Part of This Whole?

The theory of yin and yang determines how one thing works with another. This can be applied to the harmonious functioning of relationships. It can also show why a relationship may not be working so harmoniously! The determinations come from the characteristics that define yin and yang.

Some characteristics of the yin are qualities like dark, cold, contracting, quiet, and weak. Traditionally, this has applied to an introverted, contemplative, delicate woman. Yang, on the other hand, includes characteristics like robust, excessive, firm, bright, loud, and hot. In the traditional sense, this referred to an energetic, extroverted, and chatty man. Of course, the application of these characteristics varies for individuals. Using a psychic network can help you find where you and your loved ones fall in this duality.

Yin and Yang in Relationships

The principles of the theory of yin and yang can be applied to relationships, helping you resolve challenges that arise in a romantic setting. They also relate to friendships because there is yin and yang in everything. Considering the principles of yin and yang can help you resolve issues in any relationship to create a more harmonious existence. Getting a telephone psychic reading will guide you in pinpointing these areas of your relationships.

When it comes to yin and yang in relationships, remember that everything holds a yin and a yang aspect in it, and that anything yin or yang can be further divided again into yin and yang. This means that everyone holds a bit of each aspect within them. Yin and yang create the other, and so yin and yang balance each other. You can't have yin without yang, and vice versa. No person or relationship can survive without both elements. Yin and yang finally transform each other. Couples or friends who embrace this change will see their relationship evolve and flourish.

The duality of the yin and yang exists in harmony. Understanding the characteristics of each part will help you grow as an individual and nurture evolving relationships.


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