Being a Better Listener Makes You a Better Friend (And Partner)

Published Date 1/14/2018
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Make eye contact and lean in to show that you're actively listening.

There's listening, and then there's listening well. Learning to truly listen is essential to any strong relationship. This goes for friendships and romantic partnerships alike. Listening helps you understand your friend or partner and that, in turn, deepens the relationship. However, it's not always easy to be a good, engaged listener.

Why Is Listening Important?

Being a good listener can ultimately make or break a relationship. If a friend or partner feels like you don't value their feelings, that can build resentment. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Feeling intimate and close can pull a pair through difficulties together when times get tough. And sharing thoughts and feelings can develop the intimacy needed to make friendships and romantic relationships go the distance.

Making sure you're a responsive partner, whether it's in the case of romance or friendship, is the essence of closeness and good communication. Getting a love tarot card reading can highlight areas of tension in your relationship and it can also point out things you're already doing well. When you feel like a friend or partner truly understands you, it's hard to break a relationship. Listening well is the key to that feeling.

Listen Better

Verbal and nonverbal cues tell a friend or partner whether or not you're truly listening to them. Making sure you're showing you're not distracted also helps you actually tune in.

Pay attention to your body language. It's not just your ears that do the listening. Your body works, too. Keep your eyes on the person you're communicating with and lean forward. It will show you're listening — and help you do so. Cut out distractions that pull from your ability to listen. Turn off the computer and television and silence your cell phone. That goes for texting, too.

Then, make sure you listen to the whole conversation. That seems easy enough, but many people lose focus by trying to build their own case. Don't try to debate. Instead, really hear what your friend or partner is saying. Having a psychic online chat can help show you ways you're not listening well that you might not realize on your own.

Show That You Care

You know that you care about your friend or partner. Make sure they know it, too. If they feel loved and appreciated, they're more likely to take the time to understand where you're coming from, even if you're arguing for something different. You want your friend or partner to know that you love and support them and that you'll be there for them even if you disagree.

Let your body language work for you. Show affection in your behavior, and say things that tell the other person you're in it together. Words of support like, "We'll figure this out," or "How can I help?" go a long way.

Learning to listen actively and empathetically will make you a better friend and partner. Though it's not always easy to be engaged as a listener, especially with all the distractions in our lives, listening well is essential to a strong foundation in a relationship.


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