Bad Moods and How to Overcome Them

Published Date 6/4/2014
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Banish bad moods by taking action to change your outlook.

Bad moods can strike at any time and leave you feeling angry, sad, or simply unsatisfied. If you’re battling an unwanted mood, try these tricks to snap out of it and save the day.

Change Your Scenery

Sometimes a brief change of scenery is all you need to get out of a funk. Get away from the cluttered house and take a stroll through the park. Visit your favorite library or bookstore. Ditch your cubicle and soak up the sun for a few minutes – even if you have to pretend you’ve left something important in your car to escape the office.

Get to the Bottom of It

Understanding why you’re in a bad mood may help you overcome it. A live psychic chat may reveal some hidden issues you’ve been repressing. Face up to them, and banish your bad mood.

Indulge in a Treat

Add something luscious and indulgent to your day to help ease your mood in the right direction. Splurge on dessert after dinner, grab a gourmet coffee on the way to work, or get a quick massage on your lunch hour. Stop depriving yourself and moping about, and do a little something to treat yourself well.

Embrace Something You Love

Keep a few items close by that you’re deeply connected to and make a mindful choice to turn to these items when you’re feeling down. Looking at a favorite picture from your honeymoon, snuggling a sweater made by a dear friend, or listening to a soothing CD that takes you to the ocean (even in your landlocked home) are all examples of quick little ways you can embrace something you love.

Keep a Journal

Writing in a journal can help in two ways. First, it will give you a positive reminder of the many times when things have gone right. Second, your journal will offer a place for you to vent your frustrations. Sometimes getting your thoughts out of your head and on paper is all you need to shake off a gloomy mood and move forward.

Work it Out

If your bad mood is coming from a deeper problem, you may need to work through that issue to resolve the mood. A skilled phone psychic can help you come up with a plan to face down your demons and come out victorious on the other side.

Change Your Approach

If you’re stuck in a rut, a fresh change in your approach may help you change your mood as well. Does your morning routine leave you feeling stressed and ready to lash out? Get up a little earlier or lay out clothes and breakfast items the night before to streamline the start of your day. Little changes can have a big impact.

Accept that bad moods are a natural part of life and you can handle them objectively. Keep these tips handy so you can turn to them fast when an unpleasant mood starts lurking around the edges of your day.


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