Baby on Board: How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Published Date 1/25/2015
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Share the big news in a positive way.

Getting pregnant changes your life forever because you are no longer only responsible for yourself. It’s both an exciting and scary time in your life and a time when you’re going to need help from others. If you’re ready to share the news, here are some tips for announcing your pregnancy.

Tell Family About Your Pregnancy Before Friends

There’s an unwritten rule that your mother is supposed to be the first person to know you’re pregnant. If you tell your friends before you tell your mom, you risk hurting her feelings if she ever finds out. Additionally, family members often get hurt if they find out about your pregnancy from others. So, make sure to tell all of your immediate family members about your pregnancy before blasting the news on Facebook to all of your friends and acquaintances.

Decide on an Appropriate Time to Share the News

It’s fine to announce your pregnancy anytime you want — it’s OK to be happy and excited. However, most people recommend that you wait until you’ve reached 12 weeks. This is because the chance of miscarriage is much lower and it’s hard for some people to deal with telling others the sad news. If you’re not worried about things like that, go ahead and announce your pregnancy to the world. Decide on the best time for you. If you’re unsure, a psychic reader can help you make plans.

Be Sensitive to Other People’s Situations

It’s perfectly fine to be happy that you’re pregnant, but it can make others feel bad. For instance, a woman that has recently miscarried or lost a baby in some other way may feel bad after hearing of your pregnancy. Additionally, women who are unable to get pregnant might feel bad because it reminds them that they are childless.

While it’s impossible to make everyone happy, it’s nice if you are considerate of others in the way that you announce your pregnancy. Just think about the situations of others and carefully plan your pregnancy announcement in a way that is sensitive. An online psychic can help you understand how to be sensitive.

Be Prepared for the Myriad Reactions to Your Pregnancy

If you’re at a stable point in your life where you will have no problem taking care of a baby, most people will react positively to your pregnancy. However, if you haven’t reached that point yet, be prepared for people to react in both positive and negative ways. Just remember, it really doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you are happy. Hopefully you have a strong network of friends and family that will support you, but if you don’t, talking to an online psychic can help you come to terms with your situation and plan for the future.

Try to think of a fun and creative way to announce your pregnancy. Most people are going to be excited for you and want to help out. Good luck with the journey of children.


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