Attract Your Crush Using The 3 C's by Psychic Blaire

Published Date 2/22/2019
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Compliment... Challenge... Collaborate...

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Have your eye on that cute guy at the office, in spin class or working at your favorite store, but don’t know what to do about it?

Try using these techniques to make a connection and spark his interest. 

I call them my “3 C’s” and I think you’ll “C” why quickly.

1. Compliment

Telling your crush he has “nice eyes” is perfectly fine- but it’s also focusing on something he had nothing to do with- he was just born that way. Think of something you truly appreciate about your crush that he achieved on his own: a particular skill (“I’m impressed with your artistic ability.”), a personality characteristic (“It’s amazing how you stay so calm under pressure.”), a degree or award (“How cool that you earned a black belt in Karate.”), or an achievement (“Did you really climb Mount Everest? Wow!”).

2. Challenge

People appreciate being challenged now and then. It keeps things interesting. Introduce a thought-provoking idea that challenges his mind (“What would you do if you if you were trapped in a room with only a pipe cleaner, a radio, and an avocado?”), challenges his beliefs (“I know you’re a movie-lover, but sometimes I think books might be a better way to tell a story.”), or challenges him physically (“I bet you can’t lift this glass using only your pinky finger.”).

3. Collaborate

Working together requires give and take.
It’s a great way to strengthen relationships and get to know more about each other. Consider asking your crush to be on your team in a competition, such as a trivia bowl. See if he would be willing to team up on a project, such as creating a piece of art. Or perhaps you could invite him to participate in a volunteer or charitable activity with you, such as a community trash pick-up.

These 3 C’s all require some level of creativity (a 4th C, lol) but if you are really into someone it will be worth the effort to take the time to get to know them better than just what is visible on the surface.  And even if your crush and you aren’t meant to be, you might spark a life-long friendship and who knows, he may have other single friends he can set you up with!

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