Attract That Special Someone with a Love Mantra by Psychic Simone

Published Date 2/6/2017
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Looking for love? Try this simple but effective Mantra!

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Are you tired of being alone? Or, are you simply fed up with “the one for now”? There is a way to attract that someone special. There exists an ancient spiritual tool that you could try without spending a dime. It is called a love mantra. By chanting a love mantra, you are asking the Universe to send you someone to love, date or be your companion. 

What is a Mantra?
Every living or non-living thing has an energy or vibration of its own. A mantra is a word of power that matches your energy with the energy of your intended goal. A mantra works directly with the Law of Attraction. With a love mantra, you are drawing to yourself the energies of a potential lover or spouse that match your energies. You may attract a positive loving person, because you are a positive loving person. But, if you are suppressing anger or still yearning for a lost love, then you will attract a lover with anger issues or one who treats the relationship like a light switch, flickering it off and on. 

Serious trouble can develop where there are unresolved feelings from the past that still linger. Therefore, before using a mantra to attract a lover, it is wise to start off with a prayer of forgiveness to all those you have hurt and to all those who have hurt you, known and unknown. After that, clearly state your intentions. What kind of relationship are you intending? You must be clear about whether you want a casual encounter, spouse or companionship.

Your Love Mantra Revealed
There are several mantras for attracting a lover or spouse. However, for beginners, there are two easy love mantras to chant. They are KLEEM and HREEM. To attract women, one would chant KLEEM. When pronouncing the word KLEEM, stretch it out K-L-E-E-M. KLEEM draws the energy of female friendship, beauty and all things oriented toward the woman. To attract men, chant HREEM. This mantra pulls in energies of authority, clarity, power, and all things male-oriented. Stretch this seed mantra out in the same manner performed for KLEEM. 

Traditionally, each mantra is to be chanted or written 180 times daily until at least three potential mates appear. Once you have built up a momentum of several days of chanting, you can then chant as much as you like. Because they are one-syllable mantras, it will take less than three minutes a day to perform. It is also recommended that you listen to the mantra or watch a video featuring the love mantra. Watching the video will complement the chanting and add a visual to the sound. This helps with drawing your potential mates in sooner. I know this may still sound unusual, but I highly recommend that you Google “Kleem” or “Hreem” for videos on the Internet that can visualize it better than I can here with just words. 

Mantras are powerful spiritual tools for manifestation. They will attract whatever is in your heart. 


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