Are You Trying To Win Over A Virgo?

Published Date 11/17/2013
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Are You Trying To Win Over A Virgo?

The old pick-up line, "What's your sign?" usually gets a laugh these days, but if people take it seriously, it may reveal quite a bit about potential friends and lovers.

Take Virgos, who are born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22. They're smart, independent go-getters who don't wait around for others to do things for them. The character traits of helpfulness, reliability and precision are at work whenever a Virgo takes on a mission. Taken too far, those positive abilities can turn into skepticism, inflexibility and, at times, downright coldness.

If you're embarking on a relationship, it's best to know such things ahead of time. You don't want a Virgo turning a critical eye on you when you thought things were going so well with each other. Public displays of affection are not Virgos' style, but once they're won over, they're not afraid to let their passion show with those they trust.

When you consult with love psychics, you can learn a great deal about the Virgos in your life and whether you're meant for a platonic or romantic relationship. An online psychic reading can also let you know if it's time to move on or if your Virgo will eventually become open to a long-lasting relationship.

For those starting to woo a Virgo woman, be patient. She'll play hard-to-get at the beginning. Keep plugging away to impress her and, if the chemistry is right, you'll be rewarded with someone who's loyal, devoted and ready for a long-term commitment. A Virgo man is cool on the outside, but the right partner will eventually reveal his sensitive nature. He's reluctant to express his emotions and requires patience and understanding before he'll open up.

Virgos are conservative by nature and don't respond well to impulsive or unconventional types. But if you can get in tune with their slow but reliable rhythms, the wait is worth the effort.


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