Are You Ready to Move In Together? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions First

Published Date 7/6/2016
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Sometimes it's easiest to move into a brand new place together than to move into one partner's home.

In most long-term relationships, there comes a time when couples start to ask themselves whether they're ready to move in together. They'll enjoy more quality time, fewer expenses, and the comfort of a progressing relationship. But, how do you know if you're ready to take that step?

How Long Have You Been Together?

In a survey, the largest group of respondents (37 percent) felt that couples should wait at least 6-12 months before they move in together. Every couple possesses its own unique dynamic, but ask yourself whether you're moving in to satisfy your genuine desire to be roomies or just because it seems convenient. If you move in too soon, you risk jeopardizing the relationship. 

Do Your Habits and Styles Match?

Conflicting styles and habits don't constitute deal breakers, but they complicate matters. Before you move in together, decide how you'll mesh your individual tastes and preferences. Who will take out the trash? Cook? Clean the toilets? Can your shabby chic style complement your partner's industrial vibe?

To avoid fights and resentment, make a list of the things that are most important to you in terms of designing and keeping a home, then ask your partner to do the same. Ask a reliable phone psychic for guidance if you have trouble creating your own list, then compare notes. Work out your differences before you accept the keys.

Have You Disclosed Your Finances?

Living together means commingling your finances. Sit down with copies of bank statements and other financial data, then decide how you'll split the bills and other expenses once you move in. The more you know about your significant other's financial situation, the easier it becomes to anticipate problems.

Will You Buy or Rent a New Place?

Couples moving in together sometimes want to start fresh with a brand new lease or mortgage. In other cases, they decide to keep one of their existing homes. Be honest about your preferences on this matter. 

How Will You Handle Shared Purchases?

Moving in sometimes means buying new stuff. You might decide to purchase a couch, a bed, or even a pet. While you probably don't want to consider the possibility of breaking up, addressing it before you move in takes the pressure off. Unless you wait until you get married, decide who owns what.

Where Do We Hope This Leads?

You might have already addressed the issue of marriage with your online psychic, but you should also have this conversation with your partner. Do you hope to get married one day? It's the "where do we stand" speech that every couple needs to start from time to time.

What are the House Rules?

Make a list of house rules with which you both are comfortable. No guests after 10:30, no television in the bedroom, no washing the dish towels with the bath towels — you get the idea. Establish your expectations before you ever sign a lease with another person.

Moving in together is cause for celebration, but also caution. You're more likely to reap the rewards of a fulfilling relationship if you confront the hard issues in advance.


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