Are You Dating/Married to a Relationship Hoarder?

Published Date 2/15/2019
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Has your partner moved on from their ex, or are they still holding on to memories from a past relationship?

Creating memories with your significant other is an important part of any relationship. But are your lover's lingering memories of their ex keeping your relationship from moving forward? If so, you might be dating a relationship hoarder who is holding on too tightly to a significant other from the past. Learn more about relationship hoarding and how you can address it in your current relationship.

What Is a Relationship Hoarder?

Hoarding disorder is typically associated with a refusal to let go of possessions. Relationship hoarding is based on a similar principle but with past romantic partners instead of personal belongings. A relationship hoarder will resist letting go of memories and mementos from an ex, which keeps them from moving forward in a new relationship. 

A psychic online reading can help determine whether someone is a relationship hoarder. Some people resist letting go of an ex despite the fact that it's the healthy thing to do. Unfortunately, you might not realize someone is holding on to a past relationship until you've already been dating for a little while.

Hung Up on the Past

It's natural to think about a past partner from time to time.  If your partner is dwelling on these memories, however, it's a sign that they're not fully over their ex. 

Does your partner frequently bring up a past spouse or significant other in conversation? Are they prone to comparing your current relationship to their last one? These are signs that your lover has not moved on from their ex and, as a result, may not be fully invested in your current relationship.

Refusing to Let Go

Once someone has moved on from their ex, they stop holding on to physical reminders of the relationship. If your partner is holding on to gifts, photos, love letters, emails, videos, or other reminders of a past significant other, it's a red flag that they're a relationship hoarder. It also indicates that there are unresolved feelings about the ex.

Emotions Running High

If your partner hasn't fully let go of their past relationship, it can keep them from getting the closure they need to move on. Pay attention to the way your significant other reacts when their ex comes up in conversation. Do they become angry or teary-eyed? Do they refuse to talk about the ex at all? These are signs that your partner is still hoarding their last relationship.

Some couples can work through these issues, but in many cases, it requires time apart in order for someone to fully move on from a past relationship. If you think your partner may be hoarding memories with an ex, consider talking to an online psychic to get the help you need to either move forward in your current relationship or let go of a lover who isn't ready to commit.


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