Are You Being Cheated On? by Psychic Monique

Published Date 11/14/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Is he/she cheating on you? Get the facts straight before you jump to conclusions.

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The very thought of someone you love cheating on you is unsettling. From time to time is crosses our minds, often preventing trust. 

"Who are they with, what are they doing, and are they being unfaithful to me?"  The list goes on.  There are several reasons that could cause this thought process to occur.  Perhaps your mate has cheated in the past or has given you reason(s) to doubt their loyalty.  Whatever the case may be, it's not healthy to constantly worry. 

Often more times than less, the other person in question is completely innocent.  Sometimes our own insecurities send us on a mental goose chase when in reality, there’s nothing to “chase”.  Purely going off the gut instinct can create unnecessary chaos in relationships, sadly, even causing them to end. 

Looking for evidence that may not exist can lead to emotional stress and stir up confrontation.  Trust should be the number one priority in relationship. Perfection isn't going to over-ride being human but getting caught up in imaginary events can literally sabotage any relationship.  

Ask yourself, "Am I insecure or is my mate really cheating?"  There’s a fine line between fact and fiction.  The only difference is that fiction means it didn't happen in real life.  The fact may be, your mate has been faithful the entire time.

Truth is, if you’re consumed by the doubts then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship.  Don't ignore any red flags but don't presume either.  Even if someone is guilty by association, everyone deserves a fair trial.  Especially the person you love. 


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