Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone? Gain Back Control by Psychic Lauralee

Published Date 4/19/2018
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How long can you go without checking your cell phone?

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Are you constantly distracted by your mobile phone? Do you have it on hand even at the dinner table?  Is it the last thing you look at before bed and the first thing you grab when you wake up? When you are in the presence of the one you care about, are you rude enough to be more interested in the newly received text message on your device than what they are telling you? Do you think that you are so important, that if you turn off your phone that the world will come to an end? I can promise, that will not happen, and this extreme behavior could be considered an addiction. 

Take the 30-Day Challenge
I am sure that you have figured out through extended use of Text Messages, E-mail, Social Media, etc., you can lose your ability to communicate in the real-world face to face. Why not try something…  starting now for the next 30 days, test yourself by putting your cell phone out of site and turning it off when you are in social settings. You can still have it handy for emergencies, but otherwise don’t even take it out or look at it while you are gathering with your co-workers, family or friends.  If you can survive 30 days like this, chances are you will be able to continue well beyond and you will never look back to how you used to “need” your phone.

Communication Frustration
Do you really think that friends or family want to bother with someone who is there physically but otherwise off in the distant cell phone land? These devices were supposed to give you more time for leisure, but cell phones have taken over many lives and usually not for the better. Besides taking away your ability to look someone in the eyes, it seems easier to say what you want, hurtful or not on a phone.  

When you are honest with yourself, you know this little thing interferes with your sleep, meals and your relationships. Do not be fooled, it can take over your life if you let it. How would you feel if your loved one breaks up with you over the phone?  Would they say the same things they would if they were in person, face to face?  Likely not, they are using the phone to get away with something they wouldn’t have the backbone to say in person. 

So, for the next month, when you are in social settings turn your phone off and put it away. Really enjoy this gathering and know what you have been missing. Think about this. Would you hire someone with a preoccupied hand on the phone? Would you like a doctor to operate on you to save your life with his cell phone sitting next to a scalpel? Turnover a new leaf, and think about how your phone should fit into your future. If you cannot put it aside, ask yourself is it truly worth it.  Additions are not just drugs, shopping, gambling and food.  We can and have become addicted to technology and only you can control it.

Take back control of your life one cell phone at a time!

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