An Unexpected Side Effect of Standing up for Yourself by Psychic Narnia

Date 3/13/2018

"It can be difficult to put your own needs ahead of someone else's."

"It can be difficult to put your own needs ahead of someone else's."

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Self-empowerment can be a tricky thing sometimes. When you begin to discover your own power, it can be a heady experience and can snowball into living out loud. But sometimes you find that you haven’t processed all the emotions that come with speaking your truth and living authentically. Just because you understand that something is the right thing to do intellectually, doesn’t mean you are ready to do it emotionally.

It is easy to make the mistake of believing that just opening up and being honest will “solve” everything and you will miraculously feel better. That can be the case, and is wonderful when it happens. But sometimes changing yourself, even if it is to empower yourself and take control of your life, can take a lot more work than you realize at first.

If you have been in a position where you feel powerless and you decide enough is enough and you stand up for yourself, that is wonderful and can create a sense of relief and euphoria. But sometimes the aftermath of that can come with an emotional down once the initial adrenaline wears off, and you are left with a sense of “what now?” Or if there is a backlash at all from anyone that this has also impacted you might begin to question yourself with things such as “Am I worth standing up for?” or “What if this hurt someone else?”

It can be difficult to put your own needs ahead of someone else’s.
Women have been trained to take a back seat with their needs and desires. The fallout from changing this can bring guilt. This is one of the underlying roots of the problem in our society which has enabled abuses and inequalities to happen for so long. 

It can be confusing and hard to understand where the doubts, guilt or conflicting feelings, about speaking up are coming from. This is where a psychic reading can help. 

Having someone look at you or your life from a neutral perspective and dig into what might be causing you to feel unworthy can be helpful by bringing insight that you might not be able to find on your own. Our brains have a way of dealing with trauma or difficult emotions by blocking things out that are too intense or hard to look at. Psychic readings can work to discover things hidden behind the walls of your mind and help realize why you are feeling guilty or afraid.

Along with psychic readings, journaling and meditation are wonderful forms of self-discovery and empowerment. Having a safe space to deal with trauma, treatment of inequality, or self-doubts of any kind is essential to being strong enough to stand up for yourself and be empowered. Finding a secure base of support can aid in bringing you the courage you need to love yourself enough to fight for positive treatment, in relationships, the workplace and society as a whole.

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