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Published Date 7/17/2015
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Communication is key to make your relationship last.

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Everyone has a unique mental process of working through emotions and logic in his or her own way. Each person is having a constant mental battle between feelings, intuition, and the ego. The mind is a very complex function for each of us in our daily routines, and if you can train your mind to focus on your feelings and intuition, while throwing out the ego (the worries, fears, and illusions), then you are training yourself for a positive lifestyle. But what about positive relationships that involve heavy emotions? 

In a relationship, you feel so much energy, love, and passion in the beginning, which is what drives you two to work towards staying together. Especially when you have a very strong energetic connection. It's this same energy, love, and passion which can also create a pushing energy which pushes you two apart. 

So how do you keep this push from happening? 
You allow your partner the time and space needed to work through his or her mental process. Each person works through emotions at a different pace. It’s good to communicate your thoughts and feelings to each other, but if your partner is having an issue, then it's good for you to take a step back and allow him or her time and space to think things through. Don't be afraid to ask your partner if he or she needs space! Don't be afraid to ask what your partner needs from you, instead of allowing worry and fear to take control (the ego, you don't want to listen too). 

Open, Honest Communication is the Key to Making any Relationship Work
However, you also have to build trust and security. By giving your partner the time and space to think, and remaining calm (no matter what is being said) you are building the trust and secure feeling you are looking for in your connection. You will also build a stronger bond, and make it easy for both of you to open up to each other. 

Relationships Evolve!
Beginnings of relationships are always fun and exciting, but don't expect it to be this fun and exciting throughout the whole relationship. There will be issues while you two are still getting to know each other, and learning how to get along. Being prepared for these issues by remaining calm, and allowing your partner time and space, with heart to heart conversations will help you and your partner to build the long lasting, secure connection your soul is searching for in life! 

Many blessings!

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