After Love: What Comes Next by Psychic Stasch

Date 2/22/2018

Distance can make or break a relationship.

Distance can make or break a relationship.

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Love can feel overwhelming at the start. It can make the stars shine brighter and the day more colorful. The light of love can be so substantial that it can also be blinding. When love starts it feels like every mountain can be climbed and problem solved. However, once the fires of romance start to become less brilliant, reality has a way of presenting itself to the proverbial table.  

Sparks of passion have to make room for questions that are not so positive. Now that you have found a significant other, questions will arise, and some can be deal breakers.

Location, Location, Location
At first it may not matter where you reside. Somehow love will conquer distance. Well, it may, or many not. Long distance relationships can work; however, someone should make plans to move and all the work that comes with it.  Be it one of you or both, location will eventually be an issue.

You may love your single life living independently. However, what happens when your significant other wants to be closer, much closer? Some people are happier with relationships where everyone has their own residence. That may not be so inviting if cohabiting was the next phase of the relationship for one of you. 

Put a Ring on It
Love for some is the gateway to marriage. If there is passion, an engagement must follow. Never assume this is true for everyone. Some are not interested in a long term contractual commitment, namely marriage.

Pet Peeve
There are dog people, there are cat people and so on and so forth. If you happen to totally dislike the idea of Fido being treated as a family member, the tragic reality for you is that the dog stays, and you go. People with pets see them as beloved family members. If you do not share that view, a separation is arriving soon. 

There are all kinds of configurations of love with choices galore. However, if you do not see eye to eye on how love is configured, you may be in for a shock. Some people want multiple partners of both the opposite and/or same genders. You may have found a true connection only to discover later that your love is not an exclusive engagement.  It will only work if you are both on the same page when it comes to who else might get to participate in your relationship with either one or both of you. 

Culture Clash
Fortunately, we live in a world where people meet from all parts of the globe. These relationships can, and do, work. But if you meet someone who is deeply engaged in a culture and belief system vastly different from your own, you may run into problems. Unless you know ahead of time the expectations, you could find yourself in a deep conflict with your partner to be.

Love is a wonderful thing. And there are all different ways it can work. However, if you are not asking the important questions before commitment, you may go from love to dejection in no time flat.

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