A True Story of Channeling a Loved One by Psychic Zee

Published Date 7/11/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Channeling a loved one can have surprising results.

Several weeks ago a customer Mary (not her real name) called me to ask if I could contact her husband, Carl (not his real name), who had died suddenly a few weeks before.  

This type of reading is my favorite (even though the incident is very sad) because it can often provide so much comfort to the living person in grief.  I always ask the person on the line to visualize and think about the person they’re seeking.  This helps me make contact if the person is available.  Some are and some aren’t—I think it depends on their individual after-life experience.  Many are very happy to talk and to be heard.

After a moment of Mary visualizing and me listening (I’m clairaudient) I started to become aware of him.  He was smiling and very happy to be able to talk to his wife.

I won’t divulge all of their conversation because it was private but I will tell you a few incidences where the reading proved accurate.  Mary wanted to know what to do with her husband's car.  Family members were wanting it and telling her that Carl intended them to have it.  When she asked him about it he said he wanted her to keep it as long as she kept taking his mother to church.  Mary laughed because she always took his mother to church in the car.  She assured him that she always would!

The other astounding thing about the reading is even more specific.  Mary told him she had been cleaning out his things.  Through me, he asked her if she found what he left for her in the back of his top dresser drawer.  He showed it to me… it was a smaller metal circle, a little larger than a quarter.  It had sections around like a little wheel.  It was very clear to me and I described it to Mary.  She was very surprised because she found it right where he said it was.  She was overwhelmed for a few moments.  She then explained to me that it was a token they had gotten on vacation at a casino.  It was exactly what I described.  Carl went on to tell Mary other things about family and over and over that he loved her and would stay close.  

I feel that Mary was very happy with her reading and thankful to communicate with Carl.  I was very happy because I felt that I was able to use my gift to bring them together once more.  

A psychic’s day doesn’t get any better than this!
Author's Photo by Zee x7755

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