A Little Humor for Your Day by Psychic Aina Jean

Published Date 9/22/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Ever wonder what's in a flower? Ask Aina Jean's grandson!

My four year old grandson Faust is developing gifts similar to mine, including remote viewing.  So when I’m talking to him, I never know if he’s really “there” or off somewhere in his own world.

We were outside and I was trying to keep him amused, so I mentioned how much I liked flowers.  Sure enough, he returned with a white and pink closed flower from my Weigela tree.  I pulled a petal and marveled at the spectrum of pink going into the white.  I mentioned how God had created the flower, along with the universe as well as us, etc. Then I proceeded to peel the rest of the petals.

I showed him the stamen, explaining about bees and pollen. Remember, I was trying to keep him amused for a short period of time… I wasn’t really expecting him to be listening.

As that flower was pulled apart and thrown, he brought me another.

When I got to the inside, I noticed a myriad of small, black specks.  I said aloud, “I wonder what those are?”

And Faust responded, “Peppered bee poop!”
Author's Photo by Aina Jean x8029

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