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A Different Take on Why Someone Would Cheat by Psychic Narnia

Date 8/31/2019

Why does someone cheat?

Why does someone cheat?

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Why does someone cheat? There are many theories out there that say you need to spice up your relationship to keep this from happening, or that cheating is a symptom of something wrong with your relationship. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the relationship, but actually has to do with the cheating partner themselves.

In many cases of cheating, the person doing the cheating is actually trying to fill a void within themselves, but because they are so emotionally unhealthy, they don’t understand that at all. And it is always easier to blame a partner or a relationship for why you are unhappy, than it is to do the hard work of looking inside yourself to see if there is something missing that is making you feel a need to seek happiness outside of your relationship.

Getting Blown Out of Proportion
When a person has emotional issues that they don’t understand, feelings of poor self-worth, or pain from previous trauma that has gone unresolved, it makes them unhappy. But because these are deeply rooted issues, many times the person suffering doesn’t understand why they are unhappy, they just know they are. So, they look around themselves and try to put the blame on something that they can see and easily understand. It can cause little things that are normal in every relationship, like aggravations or misunderstandings to become blown out of proportion. This can begin a cascade of hurt feelings between the partners, resentment, and ultimately it can be an excuse for the emotionally unhealthy partner to seek happiness in the arms of someone else.

This isn’t the only instance of why a person might choose to cheat without understanding why. It can also come from a place of deep self-loathing that develops into a habit of self-sabotage. Because the person doesn’t believe that they deserve to be happy in the first place, when a relationship does make them feel fulfilled and happy, deep down inside they feel they don’t deserve it, so they self-sabotage by cheating. Which will ultimately be a self-fulfilling prophesy of “I don’t deserve it, so now I don’t have it.”

Fixing the Wrong Problems
Neither of these instances of why a person might cheat are easy to fix, because not only does the cheater not understand the deeper reasons behind their cheating, but it is almost impossible for the person being cheated on to understand these reasons either. They only know that the person they love has chosen to go outside the relationship to seek love and solace with someone else. That of course makes them question what they have done wrong or what is missing from the relationship, which might not be the right questions at all. This makes working on the relationship extremely hard, because then you are trying to fix the wrong problems and won’t be able to see what the underlying issues truly are.

Can a relationship survive cheating? These cases are excellent examples of how a psychic reading can help to discover the root of why a person sought to cheat, in order to begin the healing process and even discover why do people cheat in a relationship.


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