8 Tips for a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Published Date 9/28/2015
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You might not live in the same city, but long-distance relationships flourish when you schedule frequent visits.

Every relationship encounters obstacles, but distance remains one of the most difficult to overcome. Professor of Psychology Gary Lewandowski suggests that physical proximity plays a substantial role in the formation of relationships — both romantic and platonic. How, then, do you maintain a successful long-distance romance?

Maximize Time Spent Together

Phone calls, emails, and Skype chats provide opportunities to connect, but in-person visits make the distance seem far more manageable. Create a schedule for visits, whether you go to your significant other or vice versa. Also, take into consideration each other's commitments so you both feel comfortable and respected.

Maintain Your Personal Time

You haven't seen your significant other in weeks, so when he or she finally arrives for a visit, you spend every minute together. While this might seem like a no-brainer, it can actually hurt your relationship. Even during your in-person visits, take time to read a book, consult with your online psychic, take a spinning class, or have dinner with your folks. Otherwise, you risk developing resentment.

Provide Reassurance

Mild jealousy is natural in relationships, but long-distance relationships can magnify it. Your partner can't see where you spend your time (and with whom), so take time to reassure him or her regularly. Tell your partner they're in your thoughts or simply send an "I love you" text for no reason at all.

Seek Comfort and Support

When you feel distressed or anxious about your long-distance relationship, seek comfort in your friends and family. You might experience push-back from time to time — well-meaning buddies who suggest that you should extract yourself from the relationship. When this happens, consult more objective third parties, such as experienced phone psychics.

Create a Physical Reminder

While proximity matters in a relationship, sometimes you need a stand-in. Exchange tangible gifts, such as photographs, handwritten letters, and other mementos that remind you of each other.

Make Plans for the Future — But Only if You Mean It

Talking about future plans for one of you to relocate keeps hope alive, but only engage in this type of fantasy if you intend to follow through. You don't want to create unrealistic expectations. Keep your thumb on the pulse of the relationship to decide whether it's progressing at a healthy rate.

Surprise Your Partner

Sometimes surprises make up for the lack of physical contact. Send flowers to your partner's office so he or she finds them in the morning. You can also show up unexpectedly or send surprise plane tickets. These gestures keep the excitement from dwindling.

Meet Each Other's Friends

Jealousy might rear its ugly head less often if you and your partner know each other's friends and family members. It fosters intimacy and connection and cements the trust in a relationship. You'll also know the people with whom your partner spends the most time.

Long-distance relationships don't always work, but if you make the relationship a priority, you'll stand a better chance for success. Find ways to connect emotionally and physically as often as possible and check-in with each other so both people feel comfortable.


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