7 Mistaken Love Signs by Psychic Minerva

Date 6/16/2021

Is he just a good talker or could there be more?

Is he just a good talker or could there be more?

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Many of us are afraid of dating because the truth is that dating sometimes feels uncomfortable and odd to do. There is no one “right way” to date. You may get frustrated to the point you make attempts that often portray yourself in a light that is very different than your true nature. As a result of trying to attract the perfect mate, we may model ourselves to fit the proper role of dating by doing and saying things that in truth you don’t actually care about or barely enjoy.

In order to avoid falling into the trap of being someone you are not while dating, it helps to seek guidance. Aside from getting advice from friends or family members who might add to your confusion, a psychic reading can be helpful. Learning more about what truly is in store with someone new or even someone in your life, will demystify the love signs.

A psychic love reading can help you navigate through vague signals or conflicting messages that we often encounter during the process of dating.

For instance, here is a list of 7 Common Mistaken Love Signs you need to ask yourself (or a trusted advisor) when dating:

1. Is the date just a hook-up or a prelude to romance?

2. Were you seeing sparks or was it just stimulating conversation?

3. Is the date about romance or about filling empty slots on the calendar?

4. How soon should you expect romance?

5. If the person does not call/text, does it mean it was bad date?

6. After a few dates, the communication went silent, what does it mean?

7. The person is married, but tells you the relationship is dead, should you buy it or not?

There are more, but these examples give you some ideas of clarification questions that can be fairly extensive and in truth a bit overwhelming. However, it is important when dating to understand that a date is not a romantic contract and that before most individuals get serious, they do need to explore their options.

It is normal and actually logical to date a bit before determining if commitment is the logical next step.


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