7 Divine Steps for Starting Over by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 1/26/2018
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Sometimes it's OK to just start over.

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Ever felt stuck? Being stuck is like knowing there's a simple combination or key a lock but not being able to find it. You are just stuck! What an awful, hopeless feeling. It’s agonizing, right?

Your story is like hundreds of thousands who continue a pained life even though the option remains to walk away from whatever is confusing or feeling “just not right,” and yet your story is also very personal to you. Or, a painful chapter has ended, and you don't know where to go. Or, you've lost someone in death, divorce or separated from a friend and you feel lost, unloved and or depressed. Stuck! 

Moving to a New Location is Not Running Away
Why so drastic? Why consider moving? It's a brave and drastic step, indeed. While we don't have to physically move, keep in mind the energy is empowering because of the complete change of scenery. Drug and other substance abuse counselors teach changing location. Meaning changing all friends and associates but the exceptional ones and move on to a different life.  It is commonly said that doing the same thing over and again and expecting change is crazy, but in this case, it holds true. By staying in the same location, you are essentially still doing the same thing. 

Some scream having no options, feeling they cannot walk away but still they want to and recognize the power they would obtain if they did. We painfully learn our own lessons so whether you stay or go, realize it's you who are making the choice. Staying represents the 'same old' life while walking away may hold ample fear it's often the quickest option for real, complete undeniable change. 

Can’t Escape the Pain?
What if walking away doesn't work and you're still in pain and are you still going to be the same person in a different location? Changing the scenery will help but there's more work to do when you do move.

Before you make a decision to up and move, I have a sensible approach to cleansing your energy first and be prepared for your glorious new location – even if it is in the same physical home or location you now live in, here are the glorious divinely inspired steps to starting over.

7 Divine Steps to Starting Over:  

1. Consult your inner spirit.  What is it you really want that you aren't getting where you are?
2. Keep your journey personal.  Sharing all your ideas with others can cause confusion from all the varying opinions.
3. Acknowledge the lessons learned. Seeing the lesson in anything is the goal and a divine key to moving forward or starting over
4. Forgiveness for others and self.  Holding on to resentment for anything at all is hurtful, no matter where you live.
5. Research and re-invent yourself.  Even looking at new locations can raise your energy and for good reason. Change is good.
6. Grasp every opportunity for happiness. If you're stuck you're not happy right. Why not trying to change the scenery and grasp the opportunity for change?
7. Find and accept inner love.

Remember, your “location” is more than just where you are physically.  Your mental and emotional location is equally, if not MORE important, in many cases.  Moving and starting over can be as simple as beginning a new day with a new attitude and a new (and improved) outlook on life!

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