6 Tips for Stopping an Argument Before It Starts

Date 9/19/2015

Address arguments before they start

Address arguments before they start

Arguments are inevitable in a relationship, but they don’t always have to escalate as much as they do. Read on for six ways to stop an argument before it gets too far.

Get Control of Your Emotions

When you see an argument with your partner on the horizon, remember that you don’t have control over anything except yourself. The single best thing you can do in this situation is to put your emotions in check. That might include taking a breather, pausing to rationalize, or forcing yourself to calm down. Whatever you do, don’t let anger, fear, or guilt run the show.

Walk Away From the Situation

If tempers are running high and you know you can’t get control of your emotions, consider walking away from the situation. This doesn’t mean storming out or walking away in a huff, though. Calmly explain to your significant other that you need a moment to yourself, and walk out of the room. Creating momentary physical distance from your partner can also help you create emotional distance and defuse the situation.

Know Your Partner’s Triggers

If you and your partner have been together for long, the two of you come to understand what sets both of you off. These triggers might include tone of voice, word choice, or bringing up particular issues. When you’re having a heated discussion, knowing these triggers can help you turn the situation into a full-blown argument or a friendly chat. Remember that you have the power to create a hostile or a loving environment with a few carefully chosen words or actions.

Show Humility

When a situation becomes emotionally charged, it’s not unusual for your first instinct to be protecting yourself. Unfortunately, this often results in wasting time defending your actions and rationalizing thoughts. Instead of focusing on yourself, show humility and do your best to respect your partner and understand where she’s coming from. Love tarot readings can help you heal existing wounds so you can fight fair in the future.

Forgive Your Significant Other

A single argument shouldn’t be enough to call off your entire relationship, but a never-ending string of fights might tempt you to do just that. If it gets to this point, take the high road and practice forgiveness. Forgiving your significant other for his mistakes and poor choices is an important step toward reconciliation. If forgiveness doesn’t come easy to you, chat with a psychic online to learn the first steps of accepting and forgetting.

Turn It into a Discussion

A disagreement doesn’t have to turn into a knock-down-drag-out fight. Rather than arguing, turn your conversation into a discussion. Together, calm down and rationally talk about the issues at hand. If you’re able to remove blame and emotions from the situation, you might find that a long talk can help you get to the bottom of some issues that are critical to a healthy relationship.

Don’t let arguments define your relationship. Instead, stop them before they start by gaining control over your emotions, showing humility, and forgiving your partner.


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