6 Tips for Making New Friends as an Adult

Published Date 10/13/2018
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Struggling to make friends as an adult? Find out how to attract new acquaintances.

As a child or a college student, making friends can be incredibly easy. Once you become an adult, develop more ingrained views, and take on time-consuming responsibilities, bonding with new acquaintances can become surprisingly difficult. Can't seem to crack the friend code? Discover six tips for making new friends as an adult.

1. Check in With Old Friends

If you've lost touch with your best friends over the years due to moving across the country, starting a family, taking on a time-intensive career, or tackling other major life changes, rekindling existing relationships could be a smart first step. Once you've strengthened those original bonds, don't be afraid to tap into your friends' networks to find other potential acquaintances.

2. Seek Like-Minded People

If you met most of your best childhood friends in after-school clubs or highly specialized college classes, try applying the same strategy as an adult. Pursue a new hobby, join a recurring art class, or attend local meetups that align with your cultural or political preferences. You'll automatically have at least one thing in common with everyone around you, making it easier to start conversations and bond with like-minded people.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Open Up

When you first meet an acquaintance, you might be tempted to smooth over any rough edges you think you have and present yourself as a perfect person. Instead, opening up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable gives you a much better chance of forming connections. Try opening up to a video psychic first, and you'll gradually find it easier to share more of yourself while accepting others for who they are.

4. Do the Work

If you identify as an introvert or if you tend to let life happen, you might not be inclined to pursue friendships actively. Don't let your natural tendencies prevent you from forming meaningful bonds. Instead of waiting for a new acquaintance to propose an activity or a date, make the first move, suggest a plan, and start turning a stranger into a friend.

5. Accept Invitations

Building friendships can be difficult if you constantly turn down invitations or if you aren't naturally social. If saying yes isn't easy for you, set a goal of accepting one invitation per week, and be sure to follow through. As your acquaintances become friends, you'll find it easier to overcome any hesitations and put in the effort to develop a relationship.

6. Schedule Time for Relationships

For adults, time is one of the biggest obstacles to forming friendships. As busy as you are, however, genuine psychics recommend setting aside social time for self-care and a well-rounded life. Start by spending a few hours with friends each week, and don't be afraid to schedule even more time as you begin to enjoy the benefits of making friends as an adult.

Forming new bonds doesn't have to be as difficult as you might think. Keep these tips in mind as you make the most of new relationships and form meaningful friendships long past your college years.


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