6 Things to Discuss Before Moving In Together

Published Date 12/5/2015
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Don't ignore the big issues before moving day

Deciding to move in with your significant other can be a positive move forward in your relationship, but it won’t be all rosy if you don’t address some major issues ahead of time. Here are six things you should discuss before moving in together.

Whose Name Is on the Lease?

Agreeing on who owns or officially rents the home that you’ll share is one of the most difficult yet important issues to discuss with your partner. When you’re first moving in together, you might be inclined to believe that your relationship will last forever, so it won’t matter who’s in control of the property. Remember that when you determine a lease structure ahead of time, you’re only protecting yourself from an uncertain situation in the future.

How Will You Share Expenses?

Don’t let assumptions get the best of you when it comes to dividing expenses. You might think splitting rent and utilities fifty-fifty is a fair way to divide costs, since the two of you will be sharing the space equally. If your income is higher than his, though, he might expect you to contribute more than half of the expenses. Be sure to come to an agreement ahead of time, so neither of you is caught off guard or unable to pay your fair share.

Can You Handle His Bad Habits?

Before you move in together, you might only have to deal with his bad habits in moderation. Once you share the same living space, though, keeping a healthy distance becomes much more challenging. Try approaching his tendency to leave messes or make annoying noises with care. Let him know how happy he makes you when he doesn’t indulge in his bad habits, and be sure to show just how pleased you are.

What Are Her Cleaning Preferences?

If you’ve spent time at her place before, you might think you have a handle on how clean or messy she likes her home to be. This may change when you share a home together, though. Before you join forces, be sure to discuss how clean you want your home to be, as well as how you’ll divide up the duties.

Do Your Spiritual Beliefs Align?

You might think you already understand your partner’s religious beliefs, but these inclinations can become more or less intense when you live together. Before you make the move, have a serious talk to make sure your spiritual beliefs align. A psychic love reading can help you understand how closely the two of you are matched when it comes to spirituality, goals, and more.

What's Your Goal?

When you make the decision to move in together, you may hear wedding bells in the distance while he sees only convenience. Make sure you’re on the same page about why you’re sharing space and what larger relationship goals you have in mind. An online astrology reading can help you better understand how the sun, moon, and planets affect your choices as well as bigger life events.

Moving in with your partner can be the beginning of a wonderful life together. Be sure to talk about the big issues ahead of time, and you’ll increase your chances of approaching your new situation with similar expectations and excitement.


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