6 Myths About Psychics Busted

Published Date 2/24/2014
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Psychics are not the all-knowing beings that some expect them to be.

Psychics often suffer from a bad reputation based on prevalent myths about their profession. If you’re hesitant to speak with a psychic, your reading will only suffer for it. We’ll bust some common myths here so you can approach your reading open, confident, and well-informed.

Psychics Predict the Future

The future is fluid and ever-changing. It’s impossible for even the best psychic to accurately predict what will happen. What a psychic can do is read your current situation and use information from your guides, and their own, to present some likely possibilities to you. What you do with the information will determine how your future ultimately plays out.

Psychics Can Read Your Mind

Psychics are not picking through your brain to figure out what you’re thinking, and they’re not going to tell you how many fingers you’re holding up. A psychic reads your energy and communicates with various spirit guides to learn more about you, but he or she doesn’t actually sift through your personal thoughts.

Psychics Can Perform or Remove Curses

Good psychics will tell you that curses are not real and this kind of negative energy has no power unless you believe it does. There are negative influences that can cause problems in your life in the form of dark or demonic forces, but psychics do not command these forces. If you need help dealing with a demonic influence, it's possible that a psychic can confirm the being's presence, but it is unlikely that he or she can dispel it.

Psychics are Just Making Likely Guesses to Impress You

Authentic psychics will not simply guess until they hit on something you react to. While this is a trick that some dishonest people may try, it is not something that applies to all psychics. Do your research before you invest in a reading to make sure you’re going to a reliable and experienced professional.

Psychics Have Access to their Abilities All the Time

Psychics enter a different mental state when they are doing a reading. They communicate with your spirit guides, as well as their own, to give you information that you may need to help you on your journey. Psychics don’t walk around in constant communication with these guides, and they can’t access just anyone’s guides. You must give them permission to do so, which is what you do when you consent to such a reading.

A Psychic Will Tell You Exactly What to Do

Psychics aren’t there to give you commands about what to do in the future. You’ll walk away from the best phone psychic readings with a feeling of empowerment because you’re better informed about your situation and better equipped to make important decisions yourself.

When you’re open to the process, you’ll find that a genuine psychic can offer you great insights about yourself and your path in life. 


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nena724: i enjoyed this article. one reader told me my boyfriends ex has alot of negative energy sending to him that is why he is not coming around acting stand offish. am i understanding this correctly there is not such thing that noone has the power to control anothers life by negative forces thanks

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