6 Myths About Love and Compatibility

Published Date 8/13/2014
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Confused about love?

If you’re looking for the perfect love match, don’t fall prey to some of the myths. Look at these six myths about love and compatibility so you know what to look for in your relationship.

Love Makes You Content

Being in a relationship does bring happiness, but you’ll still have periods when you’re not content. This is because love is not a cure-all and no relationship goes without fights. You have to work hard to make relationships work and that means sticking it out through the good and the bad. You're kidding yourself if you think being in a relationship means you'll never be sad again.

Love Requires Sacrifice

This one is true to an extent, but it depends on what you are sacrificing. You should never compromise your happiness and peace just to stay in a relationship. Yes, people make sacrifices in relationships all the time. For instance, it’s not unheard of for people to quit their job to move to a new location with their partner. Just make sure that the sacrifices you make are in balance with the sacrifices your partner makes.

You’ll Have “Love at First Sight”

Some people do fall in love as soon as they meet the right person, but this isn’t the norm. Most people have to work on their relationship to get to a point of love. That’s why people date for years before committing to marriage or simply moving in with each other. Additionally, if you do think you’ve found love at first sight, your judgment might be temporarily clouded by misinformation or lust. Get an online psychic reading to make sure your infatuation is really love.

Showing Jealousy Is Passion

Everyone wants a partner that is deeply interested and attracted to him or her. This is typically expressed through passion, and sometimes jealousy. However, jealousy is not always a healthy emotion. Sometimes that jealousy leads to rage, meaning that your partner is more interested in ownership than passion. That's obviously not a good thing.

Compatible Astrology Signs Mean a Successful Relationship

Astrology is only one factor that love psychics look at in determining relationship compatibility. Just because you have compatible astrological signs with someone does not guarantee that the relationship will be successful. It can point you in the right direction, but there can still be personality clashes.

There Is Only One Right Person for You

There are billions of people in the world, so don’t believe you have to sort through them all to find the one person you can love. You can learn to love hundreds of thousands of eligible candidates with time. You just have to find someone that has similar interests and goals, and then work at the relationship. A love psychic can help you find that love and then get to a point of commitment.

These are just a few myths about love and compatibility. You always need to be on the lookout for potential relationship problems and have a love psychic on your side to help.


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