6 Inarguable Signs You're Not Ready to Get Married

Published Date 6/19/2014
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"I do" or "I don't"?

Marriage is an enormous commitment that some people dream about making their entire lives, while others find themselves feeling the pressure to get married because it's what you're supposed to do. When you're not ready for this commitment, the walk down the aisle seems a mile long and creates feelings of panic and anxiety. Don't give into pressure; you need to make sure you're ready before you say “I do.”

You're Under Pressure

Getting married because you're being pressured will never work. Maybe your mother keeps harping on you to walk down the aisle, or maybe your partner's giving you ultimatums. Regardless, saying “I do” at gunpoint, so to speak, will lead to resentments down the line. Your marriage is practically doomed from the start.

You're Not Fulfilled

Do you feel fulfilled in your relationship? Does your partner fulfill you? Does the idea of being someone's wife, spending your lives together, and having children with each other feel you with joy or with dread? Even before you accept the proposal, these are questions to consider. If it helps to have someone uninvolved but intuitive give you advice, get a love psychic reading. Express your fears and talk through them. If your partner doesn't fulfill you before the wedding, you won't find those feelings afterward either.

You Don't Feel Connected

Do you have a strong connection with your betrothed? If not, why are you even thinking about getting married? This is, ideally, a lifetime commitment. Lacking a connection doesn't bode well for that lifetime. Even if you don't believe in the idea of a soul mate, your partner should complement you. If you look at him and see a stranger, that's not going to change on the other side of the altar.

It's Too Fast

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is rushing into marriage. What's the hurry? In this case, you may want to get married someday, but not in the near future. Often pressure is the culprit behind a rushed wedding. Don't give into that pressure, and don't run headlong into something you may regret later. This is a fantastic question to pose during an authentic psychic reading. By discussing your worries and fears, you can decide if you're against marriage in general or if you simply need to wait before you commit.

The Love Isn't There

Are you really in love? For reasons all your own, you may feel compelled to get married even though you aren't in love. Maybe you think it will come in time or maybe you're actually just settling. There's no need or reason for that. Take a step back and assess what makes you happy. Isn't it better to stay single than to marry for reasons other than love or respect?

There's No Trust

Then again, you might love your fiancé but you don't trust him. Trust is essential. It's the cornerstone in any relationship. You must have reasons for this lack of trust. What makes you think it will get better after the wedding?

You don't have to settle, rush, or cave into pressure. You deserve happiness, and that doesn't necessarily involve marriage at all.


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